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St Mabyn Parish Council

Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month,(except for August and January when there is no meeting), at St Mabyn Peace Memorial Hall, Wadebridge Road, St Mabyn at 7.30pm and members of the public are welcome to speak and encouraged to attend these meetings.

There is also the Annual Parish Meeting, usually held on the first Tuesday of April before the Parish Council monthly meeting.


Date Comment Agenda Minutes Reports
09/12/2021Note Meeting is on THURSDAY 9th DecemberAgendaMinutes (Unapproved)
01/06/2021St Mabyn Peace Memorial HallAgendaMinutes
17/05/2021Annual Parish Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
17/05/2021Monthly Parish Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
06/04/2021Virtual meeting using Microsoft TeamsAgendaMinutes
02/03/2021Virtual Parish Council meetingAgendaMinutes
02/02/2021Virtual meeting using Microsoft TeamsAgendaMinutes

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