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St Mabyn Neighbourhood Plan

The village of St Mabyn in Cornwall

St Mabyn Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

Under the Localism Act 2011, Parish and Town Councils can write an NDP for their area with their community. A Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is a vital tool. Its purpose is to empower the local community, giving back control over issues which affect us all.

It could, for example, restrict any substantial development of our village in specified areas decided by the local community. It can influence transport, education and the environment which are matters that concern everyone.

An NDP is linked to the Cornwall Local Plan and National Planning Policy Framework and once adopted, will be legally binding giving control over our village and its future.

What happens if we don't have one?

Not having an NDP means that development can take place within the parish without our consent. This would mean we are left powerless against developers, unable to shape the future of the village.

Do we want more influence over planning decisions, transport, traffic and community facilities?

Where are we now?

In January 2017, with the support of the Parish Council, a Steering Group was set up to undertake the initial study. Cornwall Council were consulted and it was agreed that the designated area for an NDP would be the existing parish boundary.

We have a produced a questionnaire which is the first stage of asking you, the community, what issues you care about. WE NEED YOUR INVOLVEMENT.

An NDP cannot legally be established without community involvement.

How can you find out what is happening?

Over the coming months there will be social events, meetings and opportunities for you to voice your opinion. Details will be given on this website.