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St Mabyn Parish Council


The documents listed below are available to download as pdf forms and are also available on application to the Parish Clerk.

Policies & Procedures

Code of Conduct 2021

Standing Orders Revised 2022

ICO Registration Certificate

Data Protection - ICO Registration Entry Details

Bio Diversity Policy

Social Media Policy

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

Grievance Policy and Procedure

TOR Disciplinary Committee

TOR Appeals Committee

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice for Staff and Councillors

Privacy Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

FOI Publication Scheme

Model Publication Scheme

Grants Policy

Policy for PC during Coronavirus Outbreak


Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2023

Employer's Liability Certificate 2023/2024

Notice for the Exercise of Public Rights AGAR 2023/24


Asset Register March 2024


Calendar of Parish Council Meetings 2024-2025

Cornwall Council COVID-19 Community Toolkit

How to Join Microsoft Teams


Explanation of Significant Variances AGAR 2023/24

Annual Accounting Statements AGAR 2023/24 Unaudited

Annual Governance Statement AGAR 2023/24 Unaudited

Internal Audit Report AGAR 2023/24

Budget for 2024/2025

AGAR 2022/23 Audited

Explanation of significant variances AGAR 2022/23

Internal Audit Report AGAR 2022/2023

Financial Regulations 2023

Financial Risk Assessment

Last updated 5th June 2024